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Paulina Korobkiewicz is a Fine Art Photography student at Camberwell College of Arts. The image is taken from a series she is currently working on which explores life in the Peckham areas of London and questions it’s gentrification and influence of young students living in the ever changing area.

Ruth McMillan

Danielle Suzanne is a 22 year old freelance fashion and portrait photographer as well as the founding editor-in-chief of Zeum Magazine

Jana Koschack

Gloria Endres de Oliveira is a Brazilian German actress, model, photographer and filmmaker.


Lily Ball

Nicole Lane is a multidisciplinary creative hailing from Chicago. Her body of work is mainly made up of analogue photography but is currently exploring various other mediums as well. 

Polina Poludkina is a twenty two year old analog photographer from Moscow, Russia.  Her work is made up of self portraits and experiments with double exposure. She is inspired by American photographer Francesca Woodman.

Jennifer Medina is a photographer from LA and one half of the dream-pop duo Saes.

Interview #2: Nina Ahn
Nina Ahn is a freelance photographer based in Seoul, South Korea who’s work is a mix of both documentary and portrait photography.


Name, Age and Location

NINA AHN, 32, Seoul, South Korea

Tell us a little about your work. 

I’m freelance photographer. now i work on fashion photos and portrait in young magazine, and i’m interested in documentary photos of korean society. so i keep working with big social service agency in korea. also i am consistently doing personal work about Plant and Gardening


When and why did you start shooting?

when i was 26, after graduation I moved to capital city Seoul for my first job. i worked  n marketing department of foreign company making kitchen appliance. As you guess, i don’t have any friend in seoul, my first step of into the real world is a quite tough i’m the youngest marketing coordinator who is assisting between the president and marketing and sales team but i wasn’t good at communicating in english at that moment. so everyday i got in small trouble with language. i had to escape from business stress. also i needed friend.

i joined very friendly photography club. Once i started taking photo, i learned it fast, i just fell in love with photography.


What developed your interest in photography?

portrait, but not traditional. i like to describe the people’s own character using some particular situation and nature. i love creating the ambience.


Who influences you and why?

No one influence me. i easily happy with the small idea and words also easily forget it in a week.


Favourite film and music at the moment?

For now, favourite film is Sounds and Silence, Music is itunes radio channel chill out-singer/songwriter but, i’m a big fan of Sigur Ros and Arcade Fire.


Dream Collaboration?

Maybe ECM cover photographer. i like music. i’d like to collaborate with dream pop musician, If i could work for Sigur Ros, that would be fantastic!


What do you hope you see doing in 3 years time?

1st solo exhibition and after travelling to iceland. i’d like to publish the photo book.


Any upcoming projects?

girls and boys portrait, and still photo about plant.

Cheers Nina.


Nina’s FlickrTumblrPlant Journal and Cargo

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